Effective 2020.01.01
Looq Fine Art Acquisitions sells privately owned visual arts under the following terms:

1. The item is sold secondhand as is. The buyer has no right of withdrawal, not even according to the law of purchase.

2. Please inspect the condition of the item carefully. You can receive a condition report per email.

3. Ownership passes to you when the full purchase price is paid.

4. Pay with MobilePay (the amount-limit depends on how you are identified) or bank transfer.

5. If you have a complaint and we cannot find a solution, you can complain to the danish Center for Complaints.


If the buyer does not have the opportunity to personally pick up the item, it may be picked up by an art transport. Looq Fine Art Acquisitions can communicate with an approved art carrier for the buyer's expense and risk. All shipments must be insured against transport damage, and it is incumbent on the buyer to investigate the delivery and object to the carrier in case of damage.


The buyer can withdraw the purchase if the item differs substantially from the description. If the purchase is canceled, the buyer may claim the purchase price reimbursed, however Looq Fine Art Acquisitions will be held free of any other direct or indirect losses. Upon cancellation of the purchase, the purchased item must be returned in the same condition as at the time of sale otherwise the buyer loses the right to cancel the purchase and cannot claim the purchase price refunded. The buyer incurs the return cost.
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